How-to guides + code to build your SaaS faster
How-to guides + code to build your SaaS faster

How-to guides + code to build your SaaS faster

At SaaSBase, we write easy to follow, heavily researched technical guides + code on building common SaaS features - Pricing, Authentication, Push Notifications and more.

Here are some example of what you get free in your inbox:

Collect Pre-Sales revenue from early adopters using the Stripe API
Subscription Payments #1: Adding Basic and Pro subscription plans using Stripe
Subscription Payments #2: Keeping track of Customer Billing information using Mongo and Stripe Webhooks
Subscription Payments #3: Update and Cancel plans via a Manage Billing Screen using Stripe
Subscription Payments #4: Access premium content based on a subscription plan
Subscription Payments #5: Deploy Stripe Application to Production using Heroku

No more spending hours taping your SaaS together

Building a SaaS is hard. Making it profitable, even harder.

As meticulous Devs, we obsess over making our products the best they can be. We spend hours googling,

  • How do I price a SaaS product? (~5 hours of listening to podcasts, reading blog posts)
  • What billing stack should I use? Stripe, Paddle? (~10 hours of going through product pages and documentation)
  • How do I add Stripe API to my existing web app? (~40 hours of watching YouTube tutorials and reading Medium articles)

That's more than a week's worth of grunt work. Earn your time back so you can focus on what really matters - REVENUE.

We provide:

  1. Researched industry knowledge in a concise format- tools, tactics, and best practices
  2. All source code on GitHub - ready to be copied and used
  3. MIT License - use in your commercial projects, no problem


Stack we work with: Node.js, React, MongoDB

Does this stack not work for you? Let us know over Twitter or email what other technologies you'd like to see!

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