Building in Public #1 - The Mission

I have been a firm believer in the #buildinpublic movement on Twitter for a while now. This is where instead of hiding under a rock to build a product, you build one in the open and share your progress in public. The progress, wins, losses - all of it without filter.

Pieter Levels and Arvid Kahl are the superstars of the movement on Twitter. They have gained insane trust and leverage just by sharing their BTS.

Btw has a ton of great #buildinpublic case studies

What I am doing

Starting today (Nov 21, 2021) I will also be sharing my progress on building products. Here is why I want to do this:

  1. When I was first starting out with coding, I had 0 idea what goes into building a product other than code. Now I know that there's a ton. I want to document all of it for the next curious lad taking his CS Algorithms course and planning to build something big.
  2. Self accountability. The only way to be better is to do something over and over again. That requires diligence. By recording my process I can learn to make it more efficient the next time around.
  3. Find a revenue generating product. SaaSBase is free and does not make any money. No money means I cannot reinvest and provide more value to SaaS Developers. I need to find a way to generate revenue. By building products over and over, I can figure out which one sticks.
  4. Network. It's fun to make friends and connections!

Measurable Goals

  1. Monthly Visitors to SaaSBase from 1.2k -> 3k
  2. $100 MRR on any product
  3. 140 -> 1000 followers on Twitter

12 Products in 12 Months

I will be building 12 products in 12 months. All of them will be hosted on

I plan to create a short video update + write up and post on SaaSBase and on Twitter.

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