Building in Public #2 - IndieStash


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  • Update #2


  • Creating pages of curated lists of useful books
  • The lists will specifically focus on topics that can help indie founders get inspired, and grow. Topics: Generating Ideas, Getting First 100 Customers,  Scaling, Marketing, Raising Money, Becoming A Leader, and Productivity.
  • Over the last few years, I've been keeping my own personal list of books I want to eventually read. I feel they help me get inspired and become a better generalist. This product will essentially be a public version of that collection.


  • Searching keywords like the one below shows sub-par results. I feel like I can beat most of these lists and come out on top.

Tech Stack

  • Next.js
  • Tailwind

User Manual

Jeff Bezos says start with customer-first.

  • User accesses the list by going to page like /products/indiestash/top-10-books-to-read-on-getting-first-100-customers-for-your-startup-in-2022
  • If they like a book, they can click the View on Google Books link to read a sample
  • They can share the list with their entrepreneur friends by clicking the Share on Messenger or Post on Linkedin buttons at the very top of the page


  • Heavily experiment with SEO (Especially Google Structured Data) and Growth Hacking ideas
  • Bring visitors to SaaSBase that are looking for resources on building products and are not sure where to start
  • Demonstrate that a good product can be built using one of SaaSBase's tutorial guides - this one
  • Gain higher quality backlinks

Kanban Board

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