TLDL #002 - Veed /w Sabba Keynejad on Indie Hackers Podcast

In this episode of Indie Hackers, Sabba Keynejad and Courtland Allen talk about building a bootstrapped in the crowded video editing tools space.

TLDL #002 - Veed /w Sabba Keynejad on Indie Hackers Podcast

This week I listened to: Bootstrapping to $3.3M/Year in a Competitive Space with Sabba Keynejad of VEED

Speakers: Courtland Allen and Sabba Keynejad

Generate product ideas from own experience

  • If you are having trouble with something, there is probably another person like you with the same problem. Ease that pain.
    • "Video editing requires special software and training. There should be an easier way to do this."

Avoid fake validation

  • Your focus should be on delighting users
  • A company shouldn't be optimized to win pitch competitions or to appease particular investors

Join a Mastermind group

Have a solid monetization plan

  • Users are good, revenue is better

Commit, hard

  • Hard commit to your vision

  • Building a business takes time, effort, and energy for a long long time

  • Try to pick something that you're excited and you can stick with for years on end

The Lollapalooza Effect by Charlie Munger

  • Humans always try to oversimplify successes

  • Lollapalooza Effect points that when an outlier succeeds, it's almost always because there were multiple forces pushing in the same direction

Acquisition channels

  • YouTube videos
    • It is the /#2 biggest search engine
    • Make sub 5 min videos that answer very specific queries from potential users of your product. For example: "How to add subtitles to a screen recording"
    • Target your competitors and make videos for their keywords too. At the end, slip in your product as an FYI. For example: "How to add subtitles with iMovie". At the end, mention veed.
    • Jump on topical trends: "How to edit Christmas videos", "add subtitles to zoom video"
  • Side Project marketing
    • Build useful side projects under the same brand to bring in new users
    • Rather than building any project, focus on building a complimentary product to your main product that integrates into it
    • "People that do x (your side project) probably will wanna do y (your main product)"
    • Think 1 level up - if you're building a video editor, what do people do just before they edit
      • Screen record video, compress, edit
      • Build those
  • Quora
    • Add answers to popular question by searching on Google with the format - " quora"
    • 20-30 questions a day
    • early days - focus on collecting a click a day
    • Try Reddit the same strategy. Might get banned, but well worth it
  • SEO
    • Canva, Buzzfeed majority traffic coming from SEO
    • Competitive, takes time (~3 months)
    • "Make something people search for, not what they want"
    • Look for search term difficulty and high volume
    • Put up SEO content as you build your product

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